Social Media Strategy


Drawing on years of expertise, we develop digital strategies that deliver measurable results.

A bespoke social media strategy which delivers measurable results. 

A bespoke social media strategy which delivers measurable results. 

What is the Social Media Strategy Service & How does it work?

Phase 1: VirtuBrands would work closely with you to identify your “story”, the vision for your brand and the goals you would like to achieve via social media.

Phase 2: VirtuBrands would complete a thorough review of your current online footprint and analysis of your target audience.

Phase 3: Using the findings of our research, we internally devise a strategy that would be tailored to achieve the desired results.

Phase 4: This digital strategy is then compiled into a digestible, easy-to-read format. 

Phase 5: We then train you on on the strategy.

What will the strategy cover?

The strategy will be designed to answer the following questions: 

What social media platforms should I be on, and how should I be using them? 

How can I share my brand message through social media in a more effective way?

What are some creative campaigns I could develop to further promote my associated products and services?

What ‘tips and tricks’ could I implement to best serve my overall goal?

We work with you as a team and apply principles embodied by strategic thinking and innovation. We are emphatic about our intention; to help you drive your business forward by building a strategy that uniquely captures your brand.